CIVIC is a design manual for the common good. It is a publication about protecting and enhancing civil society in the twenty-first century, written by the people doing it.

If you really want to understand a society,
don’t look at what is argued about,
but what is taken for granted.

Lawrence Lessig

Public life is changing. Systems and civic institutions that we've relied on for hundreds of years are rapidly becoming obsolete. At the same time technology is both challenging and enhancing basic concepts that we've come to take for granted like citizenship, privacy and ownership.

We want to do something about it. CIVIC is a group of people and organisations that are exploring how new tools, technologies and social contracts can protect and enhance the citizen sector in the twenty first century.

We will address questions of ownership, economics, governance, citizenship, the public, the common good – drawing lines from the past, towards the future of something that we rarely think of as something to be designed: democracy itself.

The idea for CIVIC began during a conversation between Sarah Gold, Alastair Parvin and Cassie Robinson in early 2015. It's an ongoing project that we'll be picking up again soon.


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